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Chasen (Tea Whisk)

Chasen (Tea Whisk)


This chasen for tea box. It is smaller in size and has a thinner handle than the regular chasen to fit in a tea box. It is also large enough to fit in a tea whisk case.

Authentic Takayama chasen, using traditional Japanese chasen craftsmanship. Made in Nara, Japan. All processes are carefully handmade by craftsmen with traditional techniques, resulting in a beautiful chasen.
It is said that there are only about 15 chasen craftsmen in Japan today, and the highly skilled Takayama chasen is extremely skinful, and an excellent tool for making fine and smooth matcha. It is carefully made to be used for a long time.

  • Details

    W1.97" x H3.94"


    Shirotake (White Bamboo)

  • How to Care

    Wash in luke warm water


    Do not use dishwasher

  • Biography

    Ryosai Kubo

    The 25th generation Kubo Ryosai has been making chasen for generations in Takayama, Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, and has been designated as a traditional craftsman certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The method of making chasen that has continued since the Tokugawa era is a secret, and the Kubo family, who was a vassal of Munetaka Takayama who had been entrusted with the shogunate, handed down the technique of making chasen from generation to generation and continues to the present day.

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