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Flower Vase "Linen" LL

Flower Vase "Linen" LL


This flower vase features a simple look. Despite its fresh texture, the porcelain vase featuring a fabric-like look nicely complements plants and the surrounding space. Featuring a natural texture, the vase brings out the charms of the colors and textures of flowers even if they are not neatly arranged.
This flower vase is thin yet safe.
While maintaining its light and delicate texture, the vase has functional features carefully designed for the safety of users, including an inner surface processed to be easy to wash.

  • Dimensions

    W3.94" x H8.27"

  • Information

    Made in Japan



  • Brand


    Bunzan is an Arita ware pottery founded in 1953.

    Bunzan has the only Arita ware tunnel kiln in existence in its studio located on a hill overlooking the countryside. Using the kiln, the pottery has produced various long-selling products that have opened a new frontier for Arita ware, with its history of 400 years, including hotarude (ceramics with transparent patterns), tebineri (hand-twisted ceramics) and peony-patterned ceramics with a platinum rim. While handing down these techniques to the next generation, we will continue our efforts to create specialty ceramic products that help improve your everyday life.

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