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TSUNAGU handle Whisky

TSUNAGU handle Whisky


Now you have a useful day bag or convenient carry all. It’s great for a shopping, light traveling or on the beach. It’s fun to make and you can create many variations to match your style and personality. Plus you can adjust the size you need. There are many possibility and combinations.


"Traditions, made easy to use in modern everyday life."

It shows Japanese minimalism and functionalism in the piece of fabric that allows to wrap anything, from round sake bottles to square boxes, and when not in use, to be folded and stored compactly away. Its uses are only limited by your imagination!

  • Information

    H50 x W4 cm (19.69" x 1.575")


    Cow Leather


    Made in Japan


    *Furoshiki NOT included

  • Company

    Kotonowa is a brand by MARUWA Co., Ltd. established in 1949. Since then we have introduced Furoshiki and it's culture.We have transmitted Japanese philosophy, culture, words to the next generation through Furoshiki.



    Through this pattern, Unqui designers is looking for nature spirit : 
    Roots and Clous show movement, evolution, being together.
    They gathered graphic images of our world to emphasize the historical know-how of Kotonowa’s craftmen.

  • Note

    Collaboration Designer


    Unqui Designer is an industrial design agency created in 2011 by four designers. A passion for creating and a willingness to question the world around us are the key elements of their individual and collective motivation. The agency approach is based on the work of reflection on practice, scripting and systemic. Unqui is involved in many areas dealing with industrial projects as well as exploratory projects. This is how they came up with the innovative kitchen awarded by the 2011 Prix Emile Hermès and the school furniture awarded by the Prix Jean Prouvé in 2015.


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