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"KIKOF" Cup Moon night

"KIKOF" Cup Moon night


Created by graphic designer Gigi, the shape is as simple as if it were formed from paper. The octagonal-based form is composed only of straight lines, and various trials and errors were made in the manufacturing process to reproduce the thinness and angles of paper. The colors of the vessels, named Noon White, Sunset pink, and Moon night, represent the colors reflected on the surface of Lake Biwa in the morning, noon, evening, and night. The engraved number 670.25 represents the area of Lake Biwa (㎢).

  • Dimensions

    Size: W3.27" x H3.31"


    Capacity: 6.76 oz

  • Information

    Handmade in Japan


    Not suitable for dishwasher

  • Brand


    KIKOF is a product brand jointly launched in 2014 by Mother Lake Products, an organization formed by craftsmen from the Lake Biwa area, and KIGI, a Tokyo-based company involved in a variety of creative activities.

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