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"Kiyomizu-ware" Misuzu Bowl

"Kiyomizu-ware" Misuzu Bowl


The motif of this bowl is the shape of a bell. Since ancient times, it has been believed that bells have the power to ward off evil and have been used at shrines.

Kiyomizu-ware is an example of the living, hard, washable, stain-resistant daily products born from the Unraku-gama technique. Refined Kyoto products for the home or for Kyoto souvenirs and gifts.

This vessel is divided into a lid and a bowl, and has been used in Japan as this vessel for sweets and other items to be enjoyed with a cup of tea. It is also a polite tableware for the morning or evening meal, to put pickles or a little side dish of white rice in such a bowl and prepare it for everyone as a palate cleanser during the meal.

Now, we would be happy if you could incorporate it not only as an idea to put food in, but also as a little space of entry way ,bathroom or as one of the interior designs for the theme and seasonal.

We would be happy if you could purchase one as a gift or as an interior design item for your home, while talking about it.

  • Dimensions

    W4.33" x H3.94"

    Lid: W4.33" x H2.17"

    Bowl: W4.25" x H1.97"

  • Information

    Made in Japan



  • Brand


    The history of UNRAKU-gama began 125 years ago, when Unraku Saito I took the first steps towards fulfilling his dreams. Currently, Unraku Saito III and his family work at UNRAKU-gama. All members of the family works in the traditional industry as artisans, and carry on the family traditions of high quality and innovation seeking.

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