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"WABARA" Rose Petal Tea #1 DAMASK

"WABARA" Rose Petal Tea #1 DAMASK



It has a bright and gorgeous fragrance, but it has a deep taste that is not overstated. Characterized by a long and deep aftertaste.


Only the petals are harvested by hand from roses grown at Rose Farm KEIJI, a farm in Shiga Prefecture that produces the original rose "WABARA", and dried using a low-temperature vacuum extraction method to preserve the flavor of the ingredients. Only the dried petals are used to make this 100% rose petal tea.

  • Details

    2 tea bags per bag


    Net WT. 5g (0.18oz)

    2.5g (0.09oz) x 2

  • Product

    WABARA + Japanese technology

    This tea is made using only rose petals that are gently dried using low-temperature vacuum extraction, a drying method that suppresses oxidation at a low temperature.

    A total of 5 types of roses from the original WABARA roses: 4 types with distinctive scents and flavors: Kaori Kazari, Yui, Yukari, and Mayfly, and 'Damask rose' grown at the WABARA farm. lineup. Please enjoy the different aromas and flavors of each variety.

  • Information

    Characteristics of rose petal tea

    It is characterized by a clean rose scent without bluishness, which is obtained by vacuum extracting only the petals.
    As an ingredient, rose petals contain a high polyphenol content, and polyphenol is said to contribute to the removal of active oxygen from the body due to its antioxidant power, and anti-aging effects can be expected.
    Polyphenols dissolve easily in water and act in a short time, but they are said to have a short duration, so frequent intake is recommended. Rose petal tea has a high polyphenol content and does not contain caffeine, so it is easy to take frequently by drinking it as a tea. In addition, the polyphenols in rose petal tea have been analyzed for the percentage of catechins among polyphenols.

  • Ingredients



    Country of Origin: Japan

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