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Rice Bowl

Rice Bowl


Based on tradition, rice bowls are created by handwork. Their individuality is as diverse as an encyclopedia. If you come across one that you feel like "this is the one", don't hesitate to get it. As we live a busy life, the importance of encounters is the same for both people and things.

  • Dimensions

    W5.08" x H2.64"


    365ml (12.34oz)

  • Information

    Material: Ceramic


    Made in Japan

  • Brand


    We hope you feel comfortable and sense the high-quality taste of Rikizo. And, it is waiting for you to encounter your favorite tableware, because the more you use them, the more you will love them. Rikizo is aiming to continue creating valuable products that are appropriate for Japan, where the culture of using things with care is deeply rooted.

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