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Wasanbon 6.3" Plate White

Wasanbon 6.3" Plate White


Tasteful plates carefully crafted one by one by hand by artisans.
The delicate cotton cloth pattern is made by the "Tatara" method.

Although it is ceramic, it has the lightness and texture of wood. This thin tray-like plate looks beautiful with any kind of food.

The beautiful Japanese curves are charming.
The dainty and beautiful flower ring shape tickles the eye.

  • Dimensions

    Size: W6.3" x D5.71" x H0.39"

  • Information

    Made in Japan


    Not suitable for dishwasher and microwave

  • Brand

    Mino-Yaki (Ware)

    Pottery produced in the Tono area, Gifu Prefecture.

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