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Our chashitsu 茶室

A two feet oasis - A world of serenity starts with you


The Chashitsu, Japanese Tea Room where Matcha is served, is a place of sophistication and concise beauty in its simplicity.


A tranquil garden designed to complement the room.


A space created with ultimate beauty in serenity.


Chasitsu, where the history of Japan is so rich and embedded.  Its beauty changing forms and styles through 600 years of history, and traditions, mastery, and rituals keep evolving.


Where we see beauty in nature; flowers, ceramics, teas and a tranquil sound of water.


Intentionally designed in its simplicity and refiness,  therapeutic ritual encompasses calmness of mind, gently encourages us to be mindful and relax into a meditative state.


This pure and refined serenity is a treasure of Japan we feel obliged to pass on to the often restless world of today.


We created à la maison,  a contemporary Japanese tea room in Honolulu, Hawaii.



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