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My journey as a florist...

designer and founder

​MAMI Kagami

I was 20 years old - right around the time I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life - I decided to become a florist.  I have been a florist for the past 30 years. Fourteen years in Hawaii and 10 years in Tokyo since MAnYU Flowers Inc. was established.


Through my journey of flower designs, I have been intrigued in many different things, I expanded my knowledge, and awakened my whole senses.


And although I accomplished and established my own style in flower design, I still stand humbly and quietly in front of a flower.  It recently came to my realization that my design very much comes from my Japanese soul and roots.


Kado 華道, literally means a way of  flowers in Japanese.  While I grew up in Japan surrounded by the rich history and traditions of Kado, I dared to see the world and learn the Western floral style. I was so naturally led to it that now I believe it was just meant to be.


Here on the island of Oahu in Honolulu, I am expressing natural beauty of flowers and a beautiful harmony of  space and flowers at a la maison.


Hawaii is surrounded by the most beautiful nature in the world.  MAnYU Flowers bring you a special synchronicity of space and flowers on this beautiful island of Oahu.  We custom design flowers for weddings, special events and any occasions.


Mami Kagami

MAnYU Flowers Inc.



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