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The sun was high up in the sky, but it was replaced by the afternoon sunlight, which gradually turned into a reddish sunset, staining the sky and clouds as it set.

As I look up, I see the white moon quietly rising in the dark blue sky.

As you move from a bright and active time to a quiet night, you are invited to relax your mind and body little by little into a healing time.

It is a scent of gently flowing scenery that links the passage of time with the rhythms of body and mind.



The English name Frankincense is derived from medieval French meaning "true incense".

In ancient civilizations, it was said to create a sacred space and was used in temples.

It is a blend of frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood, spear, and seven other essential oils that have been popular in Japan for centuries.

The scent that seems to breathe in nature invites a comfortable and relaxing mind.



Vetiver is an essential oil of tranquility that stabilizes the mind.

Extracted from its roots, vetiver has a viscous and fragrant scent, and is said to be an essential oil of tranquility that grounds and stabilizes the mind.

With vetiver as the base note, we have blended seven essential oils, including lavender and geranium, which are thought to balance the body and mind, and neroli, which is said to bring a sense of well-being.

A single core passes through the serenity of tranquility, creating a free, light, and transparent feeling for oneself.



Patchouli (scientific name: Pogostemon cablin), a member of the Perilla family, is native to India.

In the Victorian era of the 19th century, when natural fibers such as cashmere, silk, and wool were transported along the Silk Road, patchouli was included in the shipment.

It is said that in Europe, patchouli was prized as an exotic fragrance coming from the east of the continent.

No.17 is a moderate harmony of this quietly fragrant patchouli and seven essential oils with various elements, expressing the image of an adult who smells gently and deeply while embracing freshness.

"No.17 was created in collaboration with YURI PARK.



The cool and refreshing scent of overlapping citrus fruits is harmonized with the sharp scent of coniferous trees that grow slowly in the extremely cold land, and the ashy gorgeousness drifts from the depths.

An invigorating aroma that washes over the mind blows through the body and soul, and a swelling, profound brightness spreads with the fragrance.

A total of nine essential oils are blended into three citrus types, including Litsea cubeba, and six other essential oils.

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