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Cold Process Organic Soap

Cold Process Organic Soap



Add water. The rich ingredients overflow, and the moist, creamy texture expands into a soft, gentle foam that rolls over your hands. Shea butter is an individual ingredient that has been loved since ancient times.

Shea butter's rich moisturizing properties, extra virgin olive oil's hydration, coconut oil's puffy foam, argan oil's softness, jojoba oil's skin-friendliness. The organic soap is carefully made by a cold process and wraps your skin comfortably. The softness of the skin is filled with necessary moisture, and the skin glides smoothly. A sense of well-being surrounded by a fragrance that invites deep breathing.

  • About

    Fine lather, spreading fragrance, moisturizing and firmness. This soap is made by cold process using only essential oils and fats that have been loved since ancient times. This organic aroma soap is palm oil free and has been designed for ideal comfort.

  • Ingredients

    Butyrospermum parkii(Shea Butter), Water(Aqua), Olea europaea(Olive Oil), Cocos nucifera(Coconut Oil), Sodium hydroxide, Argania spinosa(Argan Oil), Simmondsia chinensis(Jojoba Oil), Lavandula angustifolia(Lavender Oil), Elettari cardamomum(Cardamom Oil), Coriandrum sativum(Coriander Seed Oil)

  • Information

    This is a process that follows the natural order of things, where the active ingredients are saponified over time using only the fats and oils and alkali reaction heat without adding heat. In the cold process, the soap dries slowly, and thus contains many natural ingredients with high natural strength. Glycerin, a natural moisturizing ingredient produced during the saponification process, is also included in the soap and can be used to gently wash the skin. It is also biodegradable, which makes it environmentally friendly to drain.

  • Dimensions

    H1" x W3" x D1 3/4"


    Net WT. 80g


    Designed and Made in Japan

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