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Cold Tea Glass Cup "Ichimatsu"

Cold Tea Glass Cup "Ichimatsu"


Taisho Roman Milk Glass

Taisho Roman Milk Glass was made using the aburidashi technique, which was popular in the Taisho Era (1912-1926). This is a uniquely Japanese crafted glass.

This is a uniquely Japanese crafted glass, which is a revival of a technique that once almost disappeared. The milky-white romantic pattern is not painted on the glass. The pattern is created by the ephemeral yet beautiful colors of the opal glass itself, which is created by the artisan's skillful control of temperature during the molding process. A wide variety of shapes are available, from sleek and clean to atmospheric.

  • Dimensions

    W2.83" x H2.36"


    Capacity: 4.73 oz

  • Information

    Handmade in Japan

  • Note

    Not suitable for dishwasher

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