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Glass Pitcher Uruoshi

Glass Pitcher Uruoshi


Renowned glass company, Hirota Glass Co. began in 1899 in the Sumida ward of outer Tokyo. Founder, Kinta Hirota, started his 100-year-old business manufacturing drinking glasses and later, with the rise in popularity of loose wrapped candy in the 1920s: candy jars.

The start-to finish- handmade process of Hirota Glass makes for the highest quality possible and the total artistry expresses a sense of warmth when touched or seen on the dining table. Current head Tatsuaki Hirota boldly continues the legacy of his great, great, great grandfather creating glassware that captures Japan’s rich cultural epochs for the modern household.

  • Dimensions

    H4.2" x D6.7"

  • Information

    Handmade in Japan

  • Note

    Not suitable for dishwasher

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