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Glass Tumbler Mizutama

Glass Tumbler Mizutama


Wine glass shaped tumbler from the “Taisho Roman Glass” series, made by using molding methods unique to Japan that was popular during the Meiji and Taisho era (100 - 150 years ago).
The clouded striped patterns are made by infusing special ingredients into the glass and applying sudden temperature difference.
This work of art and craft could only be achieved by combining experienced craftsmanship and elaborate molds.They are carefully packaged in paulownia wood boxes and sold one of each. In Japan, items such as kimonos, medicines, books, and special ceramic have been carefully stored and protected in paulownia boxes from generation to generation. Since paulownia wood itself has the property of taking in and releasing moisture from the atmosphere as if it were breathing, the humidity inside is kept constant, making it particularly suitable for storing items that do not tolerate moisture.

  • Dimensions

    W3.44" x H3.74"


    Capacity: 12.85 oz

  • Information

    Handmade in Japan

  • Note

    Not suitable for dishwasher

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