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"Karai" Cup Tama

"Karai" Cup Tama


The "karai" series has a soft and graceful form that resembles a flower bud and uses traditional glass expression methods.

The glassware is similar to a wine glass, and its enveloping shape enhances the aroma of the beverage. Recommended for whiskey, cold tea, and sake.

Pouring a richly aromatic beverage a little less and tipping the glass while enjoying it gives an elegant impression. Pour a generous amount with crushed ice or fruit to create a lovely cocktail.

The glass is shaped like a flower bud using a mold, one of the typical molding methods used in glass making. By using four molds on a transparent glass, you can enjoy the glass in various ways.

  • Dimensions

    W3.44" x H3.74"


    Capacity: 12.85 oz

  • Information

    Handmade in Japan

  • Note

    Not suitable for dishwasher

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