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"Kiyomizu-ware" Vase

"Kiyomizu-ware" Vase


Unraku-kiln is known among Kiyomizu-yaki potters for their distinctive glazes and elegant textures.

The current third generation head of the Unraku-kiln developed a unique glaze, Ao(Blue)matte, which has a slightly bluish base color. The unique coloring is produced by a unique formula that no one else can imitate.

  • Dimensions

    W3" x H4.25"

  • Information

    Made in Japan



  • Brand


    The history of UNRAKU-gama began 125 years ago, when Unraku Saito I took the first steps towards fulfilling his dreams. Currently, Unraku Saito III and his family work at UNRAKU-gama. All members of the family works in the traditional industry as artisans, and carry on the family traditions of high quality and innovation seeking.

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