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Furoshiki Cloth Warm Grey

Furoshiki Cloth Warm Grey


"Traditions, made easy to use in modern everyday life."

It shows Japanese minimalism and functionalism in the piece of fabric that allows to wrap anything, from round sake bottles to square boxes, and when not in use, to be folded and stored compactly away. Its uses are only limited by your imagination!
Now Furoshiki is used for fashion, interior decoration, grocery bag, gift wrapping etc. Recently in Japan, it is getting popular to use Furoshiki as an eco-friendly product. Especailly we recommend to use it for gift wrapping instead of wrapping paper, grocery bag instead of plastic bag.

  • Information

    H70 x W70 cm (27.56" x 27.56")


    Cotton 100%


    Made in Japan


    *Instruction included

    "How to use FUROSHIKI"

  • Brand

    The “KOTONOWA” is made in Kyoto, the most cultural city in Japan.

    As Japanese culture has been developed craftmen, Kotonowa is also produced through collaboration of refining textile, screening, dyeing and more.

  • Company

    Kotonowa is a brand by MARUWA Co., Ltd. established in 1949. Since then we have introduced Furoshiki and it's culture.We have transmitted Japanese philosophy, culture, words to the next generation through Furoshiki.

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