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100% Pure Essential Oil Blend №17

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend №17


Use carefully selected essential oils to create three-dimensional fragrances, looking for a good balance between the vertical lines of tones, the horizontal widths of types, and the depths of aromas.

The fragrance is gentle and not too sweet, and will help you adjust your daily rhythm.

Collaborated with "Yuri Park"

  • How to use

    This product is a 100% natural blend of essential oils to scent your space. Enjoy it as an aromatic bath.

  • Profiles

    Top Note: Black Pepper, Coriander, Black Spruce


    Middle Note: Ylang Ylang, Lavender


    Base Note: Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Vetiver

  • Precautions for use

    Do not apply undiluted solution to skin.

    Do not drink.

    Do not get into eyes.

    Do not put in eyes.

    Please be careful of fire.

    If you feel any change in your health condition, please discontinue use.

    Please observe the expiration date and use as soon as possible after opening the package.

  • Information

    Net WT. 5ml (0.17oz)


    Designed and Made in Japan

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